Enlightenment, Empowerment
& Human Service For All
Manipadma aims to achieve its goals by focusing on some key areas, which it thinks wold solve most the problems. These areas have been identified after deep research into the human condition and the reasons for our sufferings. Manipadma truly believes that for Humanity to usher in a future free of sufferings, these issues need to be resolved
Manipadma Key Objectives
If Women is solved, Family is Solved,If Family is Solved, Society is Solved, If Society is Solved Humanity is Solved
Manipadma identifies women as the most important component of our society. Manipadma considers women to be the nucleus that holds our society together. This is the reason why it considers the cause of Female Empowerment as the most important towards its mission. Manipadma truly believes that most of the pressing problems confronting our humanity would be solved if women get to occupy their rightful place in the society.

The current state of the social fabric of the society ensures that women find it difficult to lead an empowered life. Right since their childhood they have to face pressures from the society. They are subjected to undue over protection to save them from the ills of the society. This results in a severe lack of self-expression in most women. Most of them grow up with an unfulfilled potential and a lack of exposure. This keeps them from being self-dependent for their needs and develops obsessions and depression in them. These shortcomings are then projected onto their families, spouses, children and the society in general. These further lead to the problems of abuse, self-abuse, vicious traps and gender traps. Thus, we can see that if the females of the society are suffering, then the entire society suffers in return.

Manipadma has developed a multitude of initiatives to help and evolve women across all age groups and income groups. It aims to empower every single female member of the society with the right knowledge and the exposure. Such women would be positive contributors to the growth of the humanity without being dependent on anyone for their well-being.

If Poverty is Solved, Humanity is Solved, If Humanity is Solved, poverty is Solved
Poverty and income disparity are problems, the entire world has been grappling with for a long time. Poverty is the root cause of most of the evil in the world. It is the major cause of all violence, assault, abuse and other ills. Faced with poverty and lack of resources, many a people have gone down the road of crime, corruption and terrorism. As a result, the entire society suffers.

Poverty is also a never-ending cycle. Since poor people do not have enough resources to lift themselves out of their current state they are perpetually stuck in the state of depravation. Poverty keeps them from providing resources to their families and their children. This results in them being frustrated with life and turning to a life of self-abuse and selfishness. This affects the harmony of the society. The weakest sections of the society, women and children have to suffer the most.e society suffers.

We are as strong as the weakest members of the society. It should be the aim of our society to empower every single person. The society would truly grow if every single member has the means to make their situation better. It is the intention of Manipadma to empower every person of the planet to not only improve their situation but also to contribute to the cause of human development.
If one suffers - all suffer, if all suffer, no one will be happy
In our society there will always be people who are less fortunate than others. These people don’t have the resources to make their lives better and would always be dependent on the largess of others to pull them out of their misery. A perfectly harmonious humanity would be one where every unfortunate soul has been taken care for and each one of us is engaged in helping others. Empathy and Sympathy are the emotions that carry our humanity forward.

Manipadma considers the entire world to be one big family. Just like we take care of everyone in the family we should take care of the people in the world. Manipadma aims to build a system where the weaker sections of the society and empowered to become self-reliant and further help others in getting empowered.

The Manipamda Noble services pertains to providing basics of life like food, water, shelter, basic education and medical services to the less fortunate sections like orphaned, disabled, unfortunate, destitute, weaker class, oppressed classes irrespective of race, religion, society and nation, thus servicing the entire humanity.

If youth is the future of humanity, then what are we doing to serve youth in serving humanity
The youth are the cornerstone of our society. They are the pillars on which the future of our humanity would be built. Youth is also the most vulnerable and impressionable age group. Growing up from a sheltered age of childhood the youth finds themselves confronted by a society that is not always receptible to them. It is the age of developing new experiences and ideas. These ideas are not always congruent with the existing ideas and this is the major source of conflict and discontent amongst the youth.

The youths are riddled with problems like anxiety about their future, suppression by authority figures, repression of sexual and material desires, depression and obstacles from families and peers. All these hampers their growth and make them ill-equipped to deal with their future. Such misguided youth will further grow up into adults who would cause problems for their families and the society and won’t be able to contribute positively towards the growth of the humanity.

Manipadma identifies these problems related to the youth and has developed a multitude of initiatives for them. With the right guidance and evolution youth can be empowered to face the world. The aim to create a generation that is highly evolved, motivated and enlightened on one and end and ready to help others on the other.
If Senior Citizen does not suffer the problems of old age being caused on account of worries and anxieties of families, their will yet be huge energy that can help evolve the new generations
Ideally, old age should be an age of bliss and satisfaction. Bliss because of the accomplishments of an individual throughout his life and satisfaction arising out of all the duties during his lifetime. But, in most cases that isn’t the case. Individuals spend most of their old age riddled with guilt and anxieties. Most seniors face a loss of wellbeing and vitality. These arise from a variety of reasons like anxiety about their health and medical expenses, guilt about unfulfilled potential, lack of respect from the younger generation.

The older generation should be engaged in passing on their wisdom to the younger generation. They should help the society evolve with their life experience and knowledge. Older people should feel empowered and not feel dependent on anybody for their sustenance. This would make the older generation contributing members of the society rather than dependent ones.

Manipadma recognizes the role that seniors play in shaping our society and making it better. It has developed multiple empowerment initiatives for the seniors of the society. Through these, the Foundation aims to not only make the lives of the seniors better but also tap into their vast pool of wisdom to further enlighten the society. A society with happy senior citizens would be a vibrant society filled with love, harmony and happier families.
It is said that childhood is beautiful but then why only childhood and the whole life. |This is a big Question
Childhood is the most vulnerable time of one’s life. It is an age filled with innocence. It is the time when most of our personality gets molded. Childhood is expected to be a time of new experiences and learnings, but this is not always the case. For most people it is a challenging time. Children across various economic classes face problems ranging from domination, authority, abuse or irrational expectations. When a child grows with such negative experiences their entire life is clouded by these experiences which keep them from fulfilling their complete potential as adults.

Children are the future of our society. They need to be nurtured and imparted with the right knowledge and given the right experience. They need to grow into adults who would be positive contributors to the cause of human development. For this to happen children need to be given the right teachings. They need to be given the right lessons on life purpose, evolution, humanity, sociology, individuality, creativity, productivity, entrepreneurship, family, relationship, leadership and service. Armed with this knowledge, children would grow into enlightened adults who would take the humanity forward. These adults would have overall fulfilling relationships with their family, spouses and the society in general. They would be evolved in their life purpose and would be engaged in positive activities.

Manipadma has developed a host of initiatives targeted towards children. All these initiatives aim to provide the right knowledge to the children while they grow up. They aim to equip the children with the tools that they need face the society on their own. Manipadma recognizes the fact that the needs of children across different classes are different and hence the projects of the foundation are tailored made for children according to their specific needs.
Take 8 hours to sharpen your axe and one hour to chop the tree. If not mid age, which is the age to chop the tree
Men are expected to be the strongest section of the society. They are expected to be the providers and protectors. Right since their childhood they have to face the burden of these expectations. If they don’t get the right exposure right then, then they grow up to be ill equipped to deal with these expectations. This then results in failure to meet their duties which further results in unhappy and unsatisfied men. This has an adverse effect on the society at large. Things like crime, corruption, assault, abuse and terrorism are a result of a generation of men who have failed to live up to their expectations. It also results in problems within the family where men are unable to fulfill the expectations of their spouses, which further leads to repression, obsession, domination and abuse.

Men must be equipped with the right knowledge to help them cope with the expectations from them. They should be trained in purpose, precision, meaningfulness, integrity and team work which would help them deal with all the challenges in life. They should be taught to deal with the expectations the family, the spouse and the society places on them. With the right understanding of the life purpose and life goals, males can be made free from the burden of unnecessary things and can successfully indulge in service to the humanity. Such empowered males will indulge in the right purpose while dispensing their responsibilities towards their family and their partners and still contribute to the cause of human development.

Manipadma has planned multiple initiatives targeted towards men. These initiatives will aim to empower men through the right knowledge. They would inculcate the right knowledge, skills and abilities in their takers. The programs and solutions are designed in such a way that serve the men directly on one side by helping them evolve to serve themselves, their families, workplace, society & whole humanity.
If men are served whole humanity will be served
Mid-age is a very tricky and challenging period for any individual. At this every individual has gone through half their life. They are mostly settled in their respective professions and have a family that they are responsible for. They have gathered enough life experiences throughout their journey. They are free of most authority and have the most control over their lives and actions. They have the vitality of the youth and the wisdom of experience that comes with age. This is the age group that has the maximum potential and the resources to make a change in the society.

In spite of this, the individuals in this age group have problems of their own. They are on the cusp of old age, so they have to be prepared for the challenges that the old age brings with it. At the same time, they have the challenge of supporting their family and their kids. These problems can sometimes overwhelm an individual. If the individual is not equipped with the right tools to deal with these then they can easily bog them down. Failure to dispense one’s responsibilities towards the family or profession can lead an individual down a path of abuse, depression and frustration. This is also an age where most of the health problems start manifesting themselves. This can result into further depression among individuals at this age.

The solutions for this age group should focus on preparing the individuals for a greater cause. People across this age bracket should be evolved in diligence, perseverance, consistency and other higher qualities of life that will enable them success on their paths. They need to be freed from the anxieties that arise out of a fear of failing to provide for their family. They should be made aware of their bigger responsibilities towards the humanity. The programs and solutions by Manipadma are designed in such a way that serve them directly on one side in evolving to serve themselves, families, workplace, society & humanity on the whole while on other side whole humanity that includes family members, relatives, work place, society and in turn whole humanity is served and evolved in serving & evolving mid age
Organizations are the back bone of any nation and humanity and they should evolve to their supreme
Humanity everywhere is suffering. It has been riddled with problems for which there is no end in sight. It feels as if humanity is caught in a trap with the same cycle of problems repeating over and over again. These problems stem out of violence, crime, corruption, terrorism, authority, domination, obsession, assault and abuse. As a result, all the individuals of the humanity are forced to grapple with these problems. This keeps them from indulging into truly fruitful endeavors like achieving their life goals. This has been going on for generations.

Failure to indulge in meaningful activities has led to repressions and obsessions in individuals. This is a state of what Manipadma calls as the Broken Self. In this stage an individual is held hostage to every possible negative emotion like mood, anger, rage, fear, anxiety, suppression, repression, depression, pride, pleasure, ego, desire, jealousy, envy, hatred, greed, lust, betrayal, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusion, ego and attachment. These emotions cloud the mind of an individual and hampers their ability to do anything meaningful.

Manipadma’s desired state of peace and harmony for all of humanity can arrive when all of humanity is able to achieve fulfillment, well-being and vitality. In this world individuals not only strive for their own well-being but also help other achieve their supreme. This is a world where there would be peace, harmony, enlightenment and empowerment for all. In this world women would be set free from the cycle of assault and abuse. The poor would have the means to make their situation better. The weak would be given a fair chance at improving themselves. The Manipadma solutions for Global Harmony are spherical in nature rather than linear. They work on all the problems in tandem rather than in isolation. These solutions work as a prevention rather than cure. Hence the states arrived after the Manipadma solutions is more permanent because the roots of evils have been solved from their origin. The manipadma Knowledge, Sciences, Experiences, Awareness, Awakenings, Initiatives, Movements, Campaigns, Projects, Clubs, Councils, Programs & Services and are all designed to serve complete enlightenment empowerment and human service solutions for all across humanity such that all evolve to their supreme – self, organizations & humanity in enabling solutions and services for self and others and together whole humanity evolves to its supreme
Success, happiness, wellbeing and vitality is the birth right of every individual human being born to this planet and should be available for each one by each one and self in the meanwhile
Corporates are the backbone of our society. Corporate activity is what keeps the economy going. Their role in the economic activity makes them a very important entity. It is in the best interests of the society that the corporates keep doing their work dutifully and honestly. This always isn’t the case though. Corporates are riddled with problems of their own which keep them from operating at their maximum. Lack of Productivity, corporate greed, lack of direction, lack of clear objectives, fraud, lack of employee motivation, unclear government policies and many such problems keeps corporates from engaging in meaningful and productive business activity that would benefit the society.

Corporates is eventually made up of individuals who operate at various levels. So most corporate empowerment solutions lie in empowering all these individuals. Manipadma has developed myriad programs for corporate employees at all levels. These programs help corporate employees deal with their problems and perform at their optimum. The programs aim to foster a positive culture of growth, positivity, unselfishness, right direction and camaraderie within the organization. It helps every individual within a corporate with positive goal setting which is aligned to the ultimate goal of the organization. This ensures that everyone in the company is working towards a common goal. Within the corporate at a higher level it builds a culture of human service so that the organizations contribute positively towards human service.

The initiatives intend to grow the corporates in Oneness, Individuality and Human Service. Everyone is taught the importance of teamwork in achieving the common goal. The Manipadma complete path for corporate / organization development and empowerment includes unique solutions that are devised of goal that in whole and complete comprising of organizational goals both overall for the organization and all concerned individuals and organizations.
Peace & Harmony is birth right of every individual human being and we should attain it at any cost
Enlightenment a state where an individual has attained the highest of knowledge that makes one’s life successful. It is a state of the highest attainments of life. There is an awakening of highest knowledge and consciousness in this state. For some this is a state of bliss and salvation from all sufferings and a state of ultimate happiness.

Manipadma considers enlightenment as the ultimate solution for individuals in different groups. Manipadma considers enlightenment to be a state of an individual where one is solved with needs and understandings of life. According to Manipadma this state is different for every individual human being and is determined by individuals’ efforts, needs and solutions that they are looking for. Individuals across humanity suffer in some way or the other. Enlightenment is the solution that helps individuals overcome all sufferings, irrespective of situations and circumstances they face. Sufferings are of different kinds and magnitude. Irrespective of that, Enlightenment helps an individual overcome them.

No one can be happy and satisfied unless one experiences and expresses the best of one’s life. Life is prone to conflicts, dualities and sufferings of unwanted nature unless they are understood in the right perspective. Once one is able to see the cause behind all sufferings of their life and of others half of the problem gets solved. The other half can be experienced as solved by being able to give ones best, the ultimate. In this way one’s life can become whole and complete with right perspective and understanding. The way to enlightenment is purpose, effort, acceptance, prayers, devotion, commitment, surrender, belief, faith, purity, intend, love, courage and fearlessness. The tools are knowledge, skills, experience, meditations, insights, understandings and service / service abilities. Enlightenment comprises of enlightenment, empowerment and human service.

Manipadma, through a host of initiatives aims to educate people in all of the above. It aims to open up the lives of the people to their ultimate purpose which would help them understand their life clearly. This clarity is what would help them achieve true enlightenment.