Enlightenment, Empowerment
& Human Service For All
Manipadma is a thought that there is a hope to create a world that we would love to live in. This would be a world that would be free of the most pressing problems that plague us. Hence, we strive to walk the path of eradicating problems of humanity from its core thus making it possible for future generations to be born into an enlightened universe.

The Manipadma Foundation’s solutions are designed in such a way that all services of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Human Servicewill be available to all individuals, organisations & humanity across the globe. These solutions are tailored to specific needs. The Manipadma solutions for individuals are categorised on the basis of an individual's’ needs depending on their age, gender, income group, profession, relations, emotional state and special needs. The solutions for organisations are also customized on the basis of the type of organisation. Every solution aims to deliver Ultimate Alignment, Supreme Alignment, Spirit Alignment, Success Alignment, Gender Alignment and Basic Alignment to all.

All Manipadma solutions would be made accessible to everyone at absolutely no cost.The services of the Foundation would be imparted across world class facilities throughout the globe. All efforts would be made to ensure that the services of the Foundation are able to reach whoever needs them.The programs and services are designed to be delivered through state of the art centres with state of the art facilities and will be delivered by highly evolved individuals as faculty members. The programs would be designed scientifically with their basis in the Manipadma sciences. The program faculty would be world class resources of the subject supported by equally able Patrons and Open ources. Theintention of the Foundation is to make access to Human Development for everyone as easy and convenient as ordering food from a mobile application.
Manipadma has a solution for everyone
What Is Manipadma ?
What is Human Service ?
Any form of Physical, Emotional, Financial, Material and Spiritual Service rendered to the humanity by an individual qualifies as Human Service. Manipadma identifies that this is the need of all individuals across age groups, genders, income groups, walks of life and more and all levels of organisations and in a way need of whole humanity.Any service rendered towards upliftment and evolution of the weaker and suffering sections of the society also falls under Human Service. Manipadma has the faith that by following this path ofEnlightenment, Empowerment and Human Services all problems of individuals, organisations and humanity will one day come to an end and whole humanity will experience true happiness, harmonyandprosperity.
What is Empowerment ?
Empowerment means having the ability to fulfil one’s Life Purpose . It also means being able to achieve the life’s true goals which are Oneness, Individuality and Human Service. Oneness is the evolving and the serving of Consciousness, Individuality is excellence in one’s walk of life and Human Service is the service rendered to family, society and the needy. These three are very important for the complete development of an individual.
What is Enlightenment ?
Manipadma defines Enlightenment to be the ultimate state of an individual's existence. It is a state where an individual has gained complete understanding of their life by gaining a complete insight into one's life purpose. In this state the individual is awakened to one’s Consciousness, responsibilities and abilities of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Human Service. This is a state of bliss that is characterized by achieving meaningfulness of one's life purpose and a state of acceptance of pains as the means to achieve one's life purpose. Thus Enlightenment is a destination of chosen journey of responsibilities, effort and service of one's life purpose through one’s life. A state of ultimate freedom from bondage through surrender, awakenings and service of one's purpose.
The Manipadma complete solution path of service includes evolution for all across individuals, organisations and humanity. Manipadma solutions are based on four pillars of human development and service which are - Women Empowerment, Upliftment of poor, Human Development for All and Supreme Enlightenment for All.
The Manipadma Path
Humanity across the globe comprises of individuals across age groups, genders, income groups, life needs, walks of life, relations, positions, special needs, emotional states, states of humanity and integrities. Right from childhood, individuals have tosuffer. Women from childhood suffer loss of self - expression due to loss of education, quality education, quality exposure and experience of the society, obsessions of society and possession by family members. Men from childhood suffer obsessions and repressions sexual, material and power nature. Society suffers vicious state of violence, crime, corruption, terrorism, assault, abuse, authority, domination, obsessions and dependency. Parents suffer worries and anxieties for wellbeing and vitality for their children. Children suffer the unexplainable world they are brought into. Power drives lead to poverty. Females live an insecure life. No one is happy and satisfied.

We have so many religions, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, religious leaders, organisations, spiritual leaders, masters, evolved resources, governance, administration, civilian, walks of life, employers, employees, income groups, genders, relations, age groups then also why is it so that we do not yet have complete solution that serves wellbeing and vitality for all that each one of us across the globe that we long for. When we all are engaged in evolving services of material and spiritual nature for all of humanity, why is there yet no peace for individuals themselves.

We are all trapped in the same cycles of sufferings. In spite of multiple honest efforts, humanity has been left grappling with the same problems for generations now. There has been no end in sight for these problems. On the contrary, newer problems are arising for which there are no solutions yet visible on the horizon. This paints a very grim situation for the future of humanity.
Humanity across the globe is suffering
The Need for Manipadma
Enlightenment, Empowerment, Human Service for all across the globe
Enlightenment, Empowerment and Human Serviceare the needs of every individual. Whenever we do experience these it always happens in isolation and never together. The aim of the Manipadma Foundation is to give access to all these services to individuals at the same time. The Enlightenment, Empowerment and Human Serviceneeds of every group are made available to them individually through a number of Programs and Services. The aim of the Foundation is to enable every individual to achieve their complete success in life. Manipadma though it's centres across the globe intends to serve every individual across the globe such that they can evolve to their supreme self and in turn evolve whole humanity to its ultimate state of ultimate alignment of humanity with Supreme Consciousness.
The Manipadma Vision for Humanity
Manipadma Human Development Foundation Envisions future humanity to be driven by values and principles where Uniqueness, Oneness and Individuality will be one’s birth right, access, experience and expression of life. A humanity that is driven by values and principles of Precision – Perfectness and Accuracy, Integrity – Oneness and Individuality and Synergy – Goal, Design, Team, Teamwork, Leadership, Success and Service. A humanity where society is driven by Values, Intelligence and Leadership for All. A humanity where individuals are fully evolved in Supreme Self - Intelligence, Purpose, Organisation, Purity, Love & Fearlessness. A humanity where individuals and society are driven through Completed Goals of Oneness, Individuality and Human Service through Goals, Design, Team, Teamwork, Leadership, Success and Service. A humanity where life across Age Groups, Genders, Income Groups, Life Needs, Walks of Life & Income Groups is taken care of. A humanity where all Genders are fully taken care of and each one is fully Self-Expressed. A humanity where there is no discrimination of Rich and Poor. A humanity where there is Love and Care for every Individual Member of Society. A humanity where there is no classification of Strong, Weak and Destitute. A humanity comprising of Strong, Super Strong and Supreme individuals and members of the society.
Manipadma human development foundation is the missing solution for all of humanity across the globe for 2500 years to come. Manipadma identifies problems through root cause and solves them through solutions and services of permanent nature through bothprevention and cure for both effects and cause of the root cause. The Manipadma integrated solutions of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Human Servicecater uniquely to every individual and it this fine - tuned approach that makes Manipadma unique and sure to succeed.
Manipadma Has All The Answers
The Manipadma Solution